Welcome to my blog. Here, I post texts about topics of my interest. The posts are dynamic: they might be modified in the future.

The Traveling Salesman Problem

11 minute read

The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), a captivating conundrum in mathematical optimization, has seamlessly integrated itself into a multitude of industries, ...

Are Model Performance Metrics Enough?

4 minute read

My model has a “good enough” performance, is this sufficient for deployment? This post highlights the limitations of relying solely on performance metrics wh...

My RegEx Cheatsheet

5 minute read

In this post, I compile a cheatsheet of the main regexes that I use in my projects.

Optimization References

2 minute read

My list of reference materials containing for mathematical optimisation, based on Quora.

Mixed Integer Programming

less than 1 minute read

Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) are a form of optimization that is formulated using a combination of equations that are continous and discrete.

Soft Maximum

2 minute read

In applications you often want to take the maximum of two numbers. But the simple function

Hypothesis Test Canvas

1 minute read

Based on the machine learning canvas, I wrote down a hypothesis test canvas to clarify what hypothesis we are testing, what data is employed and how the resu...

A Digression on the Cantor Set

1 minute read

The Cantor set is a special type of set in mathematics. In this blog post, I will use it as an illustration of how my mind works, when I learning a new topic.

Pandas Value Counts

less than 1 minute read

The value_counts() function in the popular python data science library Pandas is a quick way to count the unique values in a single column otherwise known as...

Querying the Latest Record

less than 1 minute read

In this gist, I show how to get the latest record or a user based on a datetime column.

Jupyter Notebook Header

less than 1 minute read

This gist contains my default settings for a Jupyter notebook as a header.

Datetime Resample

less than 1 minute read

In this gist, I calculate aggregate the datetime column according to different periods (e.g. day, week, and month)

Cumulative Sum with Pandas

less than 1 minute read

In this gist, I calculate the cumulative sum of the column no, based on the columns nameand day.

Signing git commits with gpg

15 minute read

I found this post on how to sign commits with gpg on Medium, and I copied to my blog so I can keep for my records. Please, visit the original source at:

Hypothesis Tests Part 1: Bayesian Inference

3 minute read

Every quantity that is estimated from data, such as the mean or the variance, is subject to uncertainties of the measurements due to data collection. If a di...