Welcome to my webpage. I am a data scientist interested in using advanced prescription analytics to design business strategies.

I currently work as a senior manager in data science and machine learning at Macquarie Group, an Australian banking institution. Here, I support the Risk Management Group to mitigate non-financial risks.

Previously, I was a senior data scientist at Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company where I use machine learning for customer personalization. Before joining Telstra, I worked at QBE Insurance, and the University of Sydney.

More broadly, I am also passionate about making a local impact, moving our society toward a more fair ideal. That means learning about and working to increase social good. During my PhD, I was an active leader in my department at Université Grenoble Alpes, advocating for graduate students through inclusion efforts. I am especially proud of the PhD students association during the years 2012-2013, where I learned management skills that have positively impacted almost every aspect of my life.

When I’m not doing those things, I am probably baking bread or walking my dog. Before moving to Australia, I lived in Europe (Italy, France, and The Netherlands), and Brazil.

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